Acrylamide crystal by microbiological method(Enterprise No.: Q/NK002-1)
Acrylamide solution(Enterprise No.: Q/NK001-2000)
Anion-type polyacryamide (Enterprise No.: Q/CJ001-2000)
Jiangxi Changjiu Agrochemical Co.,Ltd is a cooperative joint-equity enterprise, which was co-established by jiangxi Changjiu Biochemical Industry Co.,Ltd (listed and holding sixty percent shares of the company), Jiangxi Agricultural University Rongqi Industrial Co.,Ltd, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology Torch hi-Tech Development Company and two individual shareholders.

The Company jointly established Jiangsu Nantian Agrochemical Co.,Ltd and Nanchang Liangjiang Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd with Jiangsu Nantian Group, with both fifty-one percent shares of the two companies respectively.

The leading product is acrylamide crystal by Microbiological Method, which is a product with first-class technology and only can be massively produced by a few countries. The company owns three patents on the production technology of acrylamide crystal and has completely passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. The company's "Baizhu" brand acrylamide product has excellent quality and a better price/performance ration than the foreign like product. At present, the company has an annual production output of 25,000 tons per year (largest in China) and more than forty percent domestic market share. The product has exported to more than twenty countries and regions such as U.S.A....

Add:   In Jiangan Chemical Company, Nanchang City,Jiangxi ,CN.
Postcode:  330012
Sales vice-president:  Wei Jingen    QQ:980352089
Tel/Fax:  +86-791-8397996

In April 2006, Jiangxi Changjiu Agrochemical Co. Ltd. started to establish the second acrylamide production line with an annul output of 20,000 tons. The production line will be put into production in late 2006 and the whole process flow is under the control of computerized auto-distribution system

In Mar., 2006, the newly established production line with an annual output of 10,000 tons was put into production.

On the morning of February 28m 1999, Li Maoming, deputy secretary of National Science and Technology and director of Devloping-Plan Department Lu Dahanwere inspecting our company. accompanied by Gao Jiefu, deputy dean of Jiangxi Science and Technology Commission

The First bag of product of 10, 000t produced on March, 26, 2000



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